GenExpress Gesellschaft
für Proteindesign mbH

Eresburgstraße 22–23, D-12103 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0)30 78 70 98 28
Telefax: +49 (0)30 78 70 98 27


The company GenExpress was founded as a service business in the area of molecular biology with the original objective of becoming active primarily on the market of recombinantly produced proteins.
Over time, this range has shifted into the areas of cloning of specific DNA fragments and delivery of standards for molecular diagnostics and gene expression analyses to meet the customer demand.

GenExpress is located in the same building as TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor GmbH and works at times as a subcontractor or by direct order for TIB Molbiol.

As a pure service business GenExpress continuously incorporates special customer requirements. Ultimately, every product is individual contract work.

GenExpress advises their customers in the execution of the desired tasks. This is usually done through the creation of an individual offer as a reaction to an enquiry. In this we often present alternative ways, offered with separate pricing. We also discuss the respective experimental approaches in order to find new solutions and to locate errors and problems.

The quality management system implemented since the year 2003 contributes to the continuous improvement of our services for our customers, thus improving customer satisfaction on a continuous and sustained basis.

The company operated successfully in five concluded joint research projects.

  1. The generation of therapeutically applicable T cells in bone marrow transplantation (BMBF-funded)
    ... continue
  2. The development of a skin bioreactor using stem cells from the hair follicle (BMBF-funded) ... continue
  3. The analysis of protein-protein interactions in yeast (EU-funded) ... continue
  4. Design and establishment of diagnostically relevant PCR systems and cloning of the positive controls (EU-funded)
    ... continue
  5. Generation of recombinant proteins and toxins for diagnostics of bioweapon-relevant agents (BMBF-financed) ...continue

The participation in these joint research projects continuously enhanced GenExpress's public profile and allowed us to win new customers.
However, in addition to these research participations direct processing of individual customer orders remains at the core of our activities.
The focus is on production of positive controls and internal standards for real-time PCR.

So far the extensive know-how of our staff allowed us to execute all orders to the satisfaction of our customers. This means that customer satisfaction is our top priority. Even if an order turns out to be unprofitable.