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We are very pleased to finally introduce you to our new website.


PEI developed a WHO International Reference Panel for genotyping HEV PMID:31431408

You can now find updated descriptions and price examples of our services.

Positive controls for your PCR: You can now find a selection of our product portfolio in the Standards-sample-list (169 KB)

Sequence data for the WHO reference strains HEVrat and HEV-Gt2 published PMID:29674549, PMID:28209837

The new certificate ISO 9001-2015 is now available. Go here for download.


Reconstruction of QMS ISO 9001 from 2008 to 2015

Pasteur Institut Dakar published a new RT-qPCR for West-Nile-Virus PMID:27710313

Field-deployable RT-RPA for Chikungunya Virus published PMID:27685649

USDEP-Project, ApoH and HCV a tool for sensitive detection PMID:26502286

Development of RT-qPCR for the rapid detection of flaviviruses PMID: 23410000

Completion of joint research profect BIGRUD

Successful conclusion of the EU-funded USDEP project.