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Standards for PCR and real-time PCR

For genetic analyses and diagnostics using PCR and RT PCR we clone control DNA for every question which can be applied in routine as quantitative and qualitative standard.

For quantitative and qualitative analyses real-time PCR (TaqMan, LightCycler) is often used. For this application we offer suitable DNA & RNA standards as positive control or for quantification. This also includes "run controls" as internal control for real-time PCR.

A variety of standards can be found in our inventory. We will surely find the right one to match with your assay.

It would also be our pleasure to help you establish new assays with the cloning of the respective controls and/or the optimization of real-time PCR conditions for routines.

Example price 1:
Plasmid DNA standard, delivery of 1010 copies lyophilised, 35.00 Euro plus applicable VAT.

Example price 2:
iv-RNA-Standard, delivery of 1010 copies lyophilised, 50.00 Euro plus applicable VAT.

Example price 3:
Cloning of a standard for qPCR of template (DNA/cDNA, PCR-product) in a high-copy-number standard vector, verification per sequencing and delivery of 10 aliquots with 1010 copies each tube, as of 395.00 Euro plus applicable VAT.